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Short Paragraph on your favourite TV Programme

Every person loves to watch his favourite program. There are many programmes launched to entertain people. In this article I am sharing with you a short paragraph on your Favourite TV Programme.

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I am not a T.V. addict. I do not watch television regularly. But I am very fond of the weekly programme titled “Kya Masti Kya Dhuum” telecast by Star India T.V. Limited. It is telecast from 8 pm. to 9 pm. on every Friday. Its anchor is film actress Sonali Bendre. It is my favourite programme because I get an hour of watching Sonali Bendre’s personal performance. She is an excellent anchor. I also like this programme because it gives opportunities to young boys and girls to take part in dancing and singing. The programme is telecast in the presence of a judge who is generally a celebrity from the world of music or acting. Contestants are called by the anchor also. Sonali Bendre tells us about the favourite hobbies of each contestant.

The contestants are accompanied by their guardians. In fact Sonali Watches the performance of each contestant very carefully. Each contestant gives a very good account of himself/ herself. While watching a performer it is a treat to watch Sonali with her coral lips and pearl-white teeth and her chiselled features. The clownish Dhollu also keeps on providing some comic relief. Sonali keeps encouraging the contestant for his/ her performance in singing or dancing and the parents of the contestant for nursing the talent of their child. Towards the end of the programme, contestants are given prizes on the basis of their performance. The weekly programme is rounded off with a group Song led by Sonali in which she again gives a superb performance. I think the programme Should be re-christened Sonali Ki Masti Aur Sonali Ki Dhuum.


So learners, this is all about the Short Paragraph on your favourite TV Programme.

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