Short Paragraph on The value of laughter – Must read this short paragraph

Short Paragraph on The value of laughter

Laughing has many benefits to body. It is the best medicine to relieve any tension from mind. It has many health benefits. In fact people who are so much busy in their stressful work should try to spent some time in laughter. It refreshes them. People who don’t know about the value of laughter must read this short paragraph on the value of laughter.

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Laughter is said to be the best medicine. It has a lot of importance in the modern city man’s life which is full of tension and stress. Elderly people or senior citizens Who laugh gay that they feel lighter, brighter and happier. Young office-goers say that laughter keeps them young, fit and relieved from tension. The value of laughter is being recognized by all men and women. The yogic technique of laughter therapy (Hasya Yoga) is gaining popularity amongst the urban people with busy life styles. This simple, unique and inexpensive (cheap) therapy has many benefits. It provides internal exercise to the body, fills the blood with oxygen, controls blood pressure and releases feel good hormones. It increases the body resistance and helps people suffering from throat problems, bronchitis and asthma also.

Besides, it is easy to practise an anti-stress exercise which creates a general sense of well being. Moreover, laughter is infectious. If you laugh, the world laughs with you. If you weep, you weep alone. The importance of laughter is being realized by all. Laughter helps us in getting rid of depression. It enables us to fight serious illness. It makes one feel more upbeat and one begins to feel less depressed and more cheerful. We should have laughter clubs in villages and towns.


So learners, I hope with the help of this short paragraph on the value of laughter, you learned know about the values of laughing. 

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