Short Paragraph on My favourite hobby – How to write paragraph

Short Paragraph on My favourite hobby

Everyone has some hobbies. Some people like gardening, some people love to collect stamps, some like to collect old coins and notes. Every person have their own favourite hobby. Today in this article I am sharing with you a short paragraph on my Favorited hobby. This paragraph is easy to learn and was written in a very simple language. This paragraph will be best for students of any class.

How to write a short paragraph on your own hobby?

  1. Firstly write what is your hobby?
  2. Then write why you like it?
  3. How you love to enjoy it?
  4. Does it affects your studies?

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A hobby is a pastime. We have a hobby for spending our spare time. The purpose of a hobby is not to earn money. A hobby brings us entertainment in our free time. Hobbies have become necessary in the modern age. Life is sometimes so dull and boring that one needs to have a hobby. Different persons have different hobbies. Stamp-collecting, novel reading, photography, writing letters to pen friends, gardening, boating and playing indoor games are some of the popular hobbies. Social work, knitting and stitching are the hobbies of women.

Hobbies give us knowledge and entertainment. They enable us to spend our time nicely. I too have a hobby. I, however, cannot afford to have an expensive hobby like photography and boating. My father is a poor man. I help him in growing vegetables in front of our own house. I have also planted flowers in our garden. There are many different types of plant in my garden. I like giving water to them. I find this hobby very profitable. It helps to refresh my mind. It has become a part of my daily routine life.


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