Short Paragraph on If there were no exams-Students Must Read

Short Paragraph on If there were no exams

It is said that exams are true test of student’s ability. Exams time is the time of tension and stress for the students that is why some students don’t like exams. But did you ever think what happen if there were no exam? Read this “Short Paragraph on If there were no exams” to know what happen if there were no exams.

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Most of us are afraid of exams. The announcement of an exam is never welcomed by students. Its very name gives them goose flesh. They begin to suffer from exam fever. To face it successfully, students begin to burn midnight oil. Fun and frolic are forgotten and the poor student is in the grip of examination phobia. Sometimes one wishes that there Were no exams. If there were no exams, a great load will be off the minds of students.

It is also possible that intelligent students welcome exams. This is the time when they Show their mettle. If there were no exams, it would not be possible for the teacher to know how effectively he has been able to teach. Students would not bother much about learning. There would be no incentive left in studying since there would not be any evaluation.

Absence of exams would lead to indiscipline in class, since students would not have any purpose in studies. This might lead to absenteeism in the class. The absence of exams would create a big void in the teaching schedules. Both teachers and students would be rendered idle. A country like India, where the literacy percentage is not very high, may lapse into illiteracy Curiosity for more and more knowledge may disappear. A recommendation to abolish examination upto class X is being considered. We are already a nation of idlers. Both teachers and students will be rendered idle.

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