Short Paragraph on An uninvited guest – Problems due to uninvited guest

Short Paragraph on An uninvited guest

An Uninvited guest means the guest whom you don’t have invited in your home. Today in this post I am sharing with you a short paragraph on an uninvited guest. We don’t like uninvited guest because they disturbs our daily routine. There are many problems comes with the coming of uninvited guest. Read this whole paragraph thoroughly, if you want to know about the problems that occurs due to coming of an uninvited guest.

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An uninvited guest presents an unwelcome sight. He is a bore and a source of irritation. His very presence near us is a nuisance. We like to get rid of him at the earliest opportunity. An uninvited guest is a hindrance, an obstacle in our way. Suppose you are a busy person. You would dislike the very sight of an uninvited guest. Besides, an uninvited guest may put some unexpected demand on you and you may feel embarrassed if you are not in a position to meet the demand. An uninvited guest, as the name itself suggests, is a man without manners. He has no consideration either for his own time or for the time of others. Such a person is a social pest. Those who happen to barge in someone’s house without appointment are very common men. They do not have any popularity in society.

Everyone likes to shun them. Although man is a social animal, we do not like to be burdened with the imposition of an uninvited guest. An uninvited guest has no self respect. A man who has no self-respect does not know the value of respect. That is why an uninvited guest is a socially despised being. May God save us from an uninvited guest !


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