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Short paragraph on An unforgettable dream

Everyone see dreams not only with closed eyes but also with opened eyes. The opened eye dreams are our aims in life and the closed eye dreams see everyone but also forget them after a while. But there are some dream which are unforgettable. Today in this short paragraph with more than 200 words I am sharing with you about an unforgettable dream. This is a short paragraph on an unforgettable dream.

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Last year, I bought a lottery ticket. I kept talking about it to my friends during the day. In the evening I told my parents that I had bought a lottery-ticket. At night I lay in bed thinking about it. I don’t know when sleep overpowered me. I saw in my dream that I had won the first prize. My friends came to congratulate me. I entertained them with tea and sweets. My parents were full of joy. They said that I was the luckiest man in the family. They took me to a temple and offered food to the idols. I decided to open some good business for my father. I helped all my poor relatives.

I kept only one thousand rupees with me. I wanted to go to Mumbai by air. So I went to the airport and bought a ticket. I boarded the plane and took my seat. I asked for water from the air hostess. She brought a glass of water. The plane made a sudden dive and the glass of water fell off her hands. My clothes got wet and just then I woke up. I found that my youngest brother, who was sleeping with me, had urinated on my clothes. I ‘ related my dream to my parents. They laughed and laughed till their sides began to ache. It was an unforgettable dream.


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