Short Paragraph on An Eccentric Friend – Must read this paragraph

Short Paragraph on An Eccentric Friend

Are you looking for a short paragraph on an eccentric friend? Then guys don’t worry because today I shared a short paragraph on it for you. It is more than 25o words paragraph. I hope this paragraph will be useful for you.

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An eccentric person has habits and opinions which other people think strange and peculiar. He is an odd, quaint and unconventional man. His eccentricity is generally found in his dress, appearance and manners. An eccentric person is generally likable. I too have an eccentric friend. I like him for his strange ways and behaviour and whims. He is Nikhil Chopra. His father is a doctor. He is my class-fellow. If the teacher in the class asks him to read out something from the textbook, he begins to whistle while reading. When a joke is cracked in the class, he does not laugh when others laugh. He starts laughing at the jokes when others have stopped laughing. He is supposed to attend the first period. But sometimes he comes, fifteen minutes earlier than the scheduled time of the class and sits in the class-room. Sometimes he comes for the class half an hour late.

He is very popular with the girls. While some girls distance themselves from the boys, Nikhil Chopra is very popular with them. He begins to flatter each and every girl. He praises them for their beauty and intelligence and he takes five or six boys to the canteen and gives them a treat. Moreover, he himself does not eat anything. In fact, he is sometimes seen in woollen clothes on hot summer days. Sometimes he comes to school in a cotton T-shirt on winter days. He does not have a good musical voice but he insists on singing in a group or a party. On rainy days, he walks in the rain without an umbrella. He begins to talk in English with illiterate people. Despite these eccentric actions, he is friendly with me. He has promised to help me in settling in life. He does not disturb me when I am studying.


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