Sample formal letters to Police station – For different purposes

Sample formal letters to police station for different purposes

Today in this post I have shared some sample formal letters to police station for different purposes like for complaining about the theft of cycle, theft in your house, report about missing brother. These are the short letters for school students.

Cycle Theft

Write a letter to the S.H.0. of your locality complaining about the theft of your cycle.


27, Ashok Nagar,

March 9, 20……

The Station House Officer,


I want to report the loss of my bicycle. Its make is Atlas. It has been stolen from D.C.M. Store.

I went to the D.C.M. store at 4 pm. yesterday and I placed my cycle outside it. I locked it and then I made some purchases. Then I came out after half an hour and found my cycle missing. I asked many persons about it, but no one gave me any clue.

Mine is a new cycle. I purchased it only last month. It is red in colour. Its number is D-414207. It has a saddle, a carrier and a bell. Its chain-cover bears my name. I hope this information will help you to trace out my cycle.

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,


Theft in the House

Write an application to the S.H.O. of your locality reporting about the theft that occurred in your house.

545, New Street

March 12, 20……

The S.H.O.
City Police Station,


I want to lodge a report against a theft in our house last night. The theft occurred between 6 pm. and 9 pm. All the members of our family Went to the cinema at 6 pm. We came back at 9 pm. We found the locks broken. Most of the articles in the house were lying at sixes and sevens. We checked everything. The thieves have taken away cash worth five thousand rupees. They have also taken away about 50 grams of jewellery. About ten costly saris are also missing. Kindly investigate the theft and  get our lost things recovered.

Hoping for a quick action.

Yours faithfully,


Report about Missing Brother

Suppose you have lost your younger brother at a fair. Report the matter to the police in a properly worded letter.

5, The Lower Bazaar,

March 5, 20 ……

The Inspector of Police,
Main Police Station,

Dear Sir,

I write this to seek your help in tracing my missing brother. A fair was held near our village last evening. I took my brother there. We roamed there for about two hours. At noon I drank water at a Piao. When I returned I found my brother missing. The name of my brother is Shakil. He is twelve years old. His height is 4 ft. His complexion is fair. There is a mark of deep cut on his forehead. Kindly trace him out and oblige.

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,
Anwar Hussain


This is all you learned about the sample formal letters to police station.

Thank You


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