Informal Letter Writing to friend describing picnic in which you participated

Informal Letter Writing to friend describing picnic

We all go to picnics with our friends, family members, relatives or even with schools. We enjoy in going to picnics. In this post below a a person is explaining or describing a picnic in which he has participated to his friend. It is an “Informal letter Writing to friend describing picnic in which you participated”

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Informal letter Writing to friend describing picnic in which you have participated.

25, Sabzi Mandi,



15th May, 20…


Dear Karim,


I agree with you that picnics and excursions break the dullness of the educational routine. They are a welcome relief to us after continuous class work. But sad though it may be, it is nevertheless a fact that I had a bitter experience of picnic in which I participated.

Last week my friend Krishan called on me and told me that they had arranged a picnic to the canal. In a moment of weakness I agreed to join them. We had our meal prepared early in the morning and we bought basket full of oranges, bananas and other fruit.

We started at about 80’clock from the hostel. The day was very cloudy. The roads were dusty and dust settled on our faces and clothes. In about an hour’s time, we reached the canal. As we were covered all over with dust, we decided to bathe in the canal. Munish objected to this and murmured something about pneumonia and bad cold. Most of us, however, plunged into the canal and felt refreshed. After that we decided to take meal.

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But very soon our troubles began. Mohan dropped the basket of sweets into water and they were all spoiled. Krishan upset the kettle and the fire was extinguished. Then as ill luck would have it, the rain began to fall in torrents. Every thing got wet and we were thoroughly drenched. I cursed my lot. Could we not have our meal comfortably in the hostel? We took shelter under the spreading branches of a tree and partook of those things which had not gone bad. To add to our misery no conveyance was available. We had to trudge back on foot as best as we could.

Late in the evening when we returned to the hostel, some of our companions laughed at us. we looked small in their presence.

No more picnics for me! What are your views about picnics?


Yours sincerely,

Sham Lal

This is all about Informal letter Writing to your friend describing picnic in which you participated.

Thank you.

SharinG iS cariNG

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