Informal letter to sister explaining disadvantages of co-educational college

Informal letter to sister explaining disadvantages of co-educational college

No one can define the love between the sister and brother. A brother always cares for his sister. He guides her in every path of life. He also guides and helps her in study. You can also guide your sister which college is best for her by writing this letter. Read this article “Informal letter to sister explaining disadvantages of co-educational college”.

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Letter to sister explaining to her disadvantages of studying a co-educational college.

Prem Nagar,



25 May 20…..


My dear Malati,


I am very glad that you have passed the Matriculation examination. Your decision to continue your study in the college is also quite sound. But I am not in favour of your joining a co-educational college. I think it will be best for you to study in the Hans Raj Mahila, Vidyalaya. Udhampur. You can stay in the hostel which is the ideal place for students to live and study. Of course, there is a co-educational college in your home town. But for a shy girl like you, it will be better to study in Girls’ college.

Whatever may be the benefits of boys and girls studying together in the Western countries, it carries hardly any sense in the present day social atmosphere in our country. Moreover, it is not being followed in the true spirit. Girls are still being kept aloof from the company of boys. They sit in separate rows and hardly talk to boys. Rather they have to suffer all the taunts and remarks that are passed by boys. Some girls tend to become boyish and wild in their behaviour in their bid to impress the boys.

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But the majority of them are shy, timid and reserved because they are unable to find a natural expression to their thoughts and feelings. on account of the larger presence of the boys. Thus the natural flowering of their personality is stunted. In a purely women’s college, you will have the necessary freedom to do things without any restraint You can play games of your choice, laugh and talk to your companions without any fear of being jeered or laughed at by boys. Gifted with sweet voice and a shy girl like you, can participate in music competitions only in women’s atmosphere.

I do not want to stretch the point to a fine extent. Coeducational colleges can work at the post graduate level when the girls are grown up and have greater confidence in themselves. But at the under graduate level I favour separate arrangements. So, I think you better study in a women’s institution at Udhampur for this I would give the first preference to Hans Raj Mahila Vidayalaya and the second place to Kanya Mahavidyalaya. The choice is yours to make.

With love


Yours affectionately,


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Thank  You

SharinG iS cariNG

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