Informal Letter to father telling him about new friend

Informal Letter to Father telling him about new friend

Informal Letter to Father telling him about new friend

Whenever, we go on new places we make new friends because we all need friends. They play important role in our life. They help us in our bad situation and also join us in our celebrations. We have so many friends. Some people also likes to make new friends and it is also common that whenever we make new friends we share it with our family. Suppose, if you are in a hostel and you made a  new friend. You can share it with your family by writing a letter. Read this article “Informal Letter to father telling him about new friend”. Sometimes, examiner also asked this type of letter in the exams to the students. So, students should read this article carefully. You can also check our previous article “Letter to teacher thanking him for the help in studies”.

Informal Letter to father telling him about new friend

Room No. 14,

D.O.M. College Hostel,


20th June, 2016

Dear Father,

I received your kind letter this morning and was glad to know its contents. In this letter you have asked me to write to you something about my new friend, Pankaj Sharma, and the reasons why I like him.

You very well know that I have few friends, because I believe that one should be very careful in the selection of his friends. Pankaj is undoubtedly a true friend. I am proud of his company and friendship. On account of his outstanding qualities of the head and the heart, he is liked by all the students of our college. He is not only well-up in studies but he also takes a keen interest in the extra-curricular activities of our school. He is the secretary of the Students Union of our college. Moreover, he belongs to a distinguished family of patriots who took a noble part in the tight for independence of our country.

Pankaj is also a group-leader in the N.C.C. and a prominent member of the Red Cross in our college. All the professors love him. In spite of all this he is not a bit proud. He helps the weak students in their studies also. He is a well-known speaker also. Last month he won the first prize in an Inter-college Debating contest. So, my dear father, these are some of the reasons why I cherish the friendship of Pankaj Sharma and like him so much. We are fast friends, I have invited him to our house during the summer vacations. If he comes, I am confident you will be equally attracted by his many qualities,

With due respect to dear mother and yourself and love to younger brothers and sisters.

Yours affectionately,


This is all you read about Informal Letter to father telling him about new friend. Hope you liked it.

Thank you


SharinG iS cariNG

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