Informal letter format ⁄ Informal letter writing ⁄ Informal letter examples

Informal letter format ⁄ Informal letter writing ⁄ Informal letter examples

Informal letter format ⁄ Informal letter writing ⁄ Informal letter examples

Hello Learners, If you want to know about how to write Informal letter. Then don’t worry, you are on right place. In this article, I will teach you about Informal letter writing and format of Informal letter. Informal letter writing is not a tough task. You can learn it easily. If you read this article “Informal letter format ⁄ Informal letter writing ⁄ Informal letter examples” carefully. In this article, I also shared some examples of Informal letters which will help you to understand Formal of Informal letter  easily.

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So, first of all, I want to give you little details about what is informal letter? 

What is informal letter?

Informal letters are the personal letters. The letters we write to friends, family, relatives are informal letters. We write informal letters in free writing mode or in friendly manner. Informal letter is different from formal letters. In this type of letter, we don’t need to take care of heavily grammars. We focus more on communication and ideas.

Hope, you understand What is Informal letter. Now, I will tell you about the format of Informal letter

Informal letter format consist of following steps

  1. Address and date
  2. The Salutation
  3. The body of the letter
  4. The closing of the Paragraph
  5. Subscription
  6. Name and address of the person to whom letter is written.

Informal Letter Format

(1)    Address




(2)     Salutation


———————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————-         (3)  BODY OF THE LETTER———————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————–


—————————————————————————————————————————————————————–(4)  THE CLOSING PARAGRAPH—————————————————————————————————————————————————————–



(6)   Name of the sender


Now, I will explain the following steps given above one by one

Informal Letter Writing

(1) Address of the sender and date.

It is written at the top left hand corner of the page and should be in this manner.

17, Prince Hostel,


July 17,20…

Each line of the address is closed with a comma and the last line by a full stop. The date and month are separated from the year by a comma. There is a full stop at the end of the date-line.

(2) Salutation.

This comes a little below the date. This is written on the left hand side along the margin. The salutation depends on what type of letter it is.

With near relations, such as one member of the family to another, the writer usually begins : My Dear.

For the younger ones (brother, sister, cousin, son, daughter) the salutation will be My dear Satish, Dear Kailash.

To older relations (father, mother, uncle, brother, sister, cousin, uncle, auntie) the form of salutation will be : my dear Father/Mother/Brother/sister/Cousin/Uncle/Auntie.

For a friend, the form of salutation will be: My dear Prem, Dear Prem. To acquaintances, we may write Dear Mr. Gill, Dear Mr. Manoj.

(3) The Body of the letter.

This is the most important part of the letter. There are opening remarks, the subject-matter, and the conclusion. In the personal letter, the personality of the writer should find expression. It should have warmth of feeling. The official and business letters are formal.

(4) Closing Paragraph

The body of the letter is followed by a complimentary close.


With love, I am,

With best Wishes or regards, I am,

(5) Subscription.

It comes after the closing of paragraph. This is written on the left hand side of the page. For eg.

In case of relations (older as well as younger):- We write Your affectionately or Your affectionate son/daughter/brother.

In case of friends:-We write Yours sincerely/Yours very sincerely.

There is no apostrophe in “Yours”. There is a comma at the end of subscription.


(6) The Name or address of the person whom letter is written:-

It is the last part of the letter. It is also written in the left hand corner of the page.  After writing the letter, we write the name or address of the addressee.

For e g.

Raj Singh

Nanak Nagar,


To write a good letter you should write naturally, simply and correctly. Be clear. We often write a letter more freely and quickly than an essay.


Example of Informal Letter

Letter to father describing your experience of a night spent at a railway station due to a railway accident

Ajmer Railway Station



June 20,20….


My dear Father,

The news of the rail accident near Ajmer must have caused you a great worry. And so I hasten to write to tell you that I am quite safe and sound. But it was a terrible experience. It was about 12-30 p.m., when we suddenly heard the train giving long whistles. Immediately after we felt a big jolt. Some of the passengers in my compartment became unconscious. I came out of the compartment and . walked towards the engine of the train. It had dashed against a stationary goods train at Ladpura station near here. The engine, luggage van, a second class coach of my train and the brake van and seven wagons of the goods train were derailed.

We at once started rescue work. The injured were removed to the platform. They were given first aid. In about two hours time a relief train with doctors and railway staff arrived at the site of the accident. We walked with our baggage for about half a mile to board the relief train which brought us here. We reached this place at about 4-00 am. At the platform there was a great rush of the people who had only a few hours back seen off their near and dear ones. The air was full of shouts of the people trying to contact their kith and kin. The injured were removed to the Railway Hospital and the Victoria Hospital.

The track was cleared off in about 3 hours time. Then we resumed our journey.

With regards to mother and love to all others,


Yours affectionately,


This is all about “Informal letter format ⁄ Informal letter writing ⁄ Informal letter examples”. Hope you learned something.


Thank you

SharinG iS cariNG

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