How to Write Letter to father-Letter Writing to Father With Sample Letters

How to Write Letter to father-Letter Writing to Father With Sample Letters

If you want to write letter to father. Then, Don’t worry I will tell you How to write a letter to father in a polite manner. Read this article “How to Write Letter to father-Letter Writing to Father With Sample Letters”. In this article, I have also shared some sample letter to father. Hope you will like it.

 So, Lets Start How to Write Letter to father

1. Letter to father about your failure in the last house examination

Examination Hall,



April 17, 20…


My dear father,

My progress report sent by college office must have reached you and my poor performance pained you greatly. I have no excuse to offer, no explanation to give. I take the entire blame on myself. After my brilliant success in the last University examination, I grew proud of myself. The air of freedom in the college turned my head. I fell in the company of idlers and I neglected my studies. I cut lectures and wasted my time. Even when I was in the class,,my mind was elsewhere. So, as the examination approached I found myself at sea. I could not learn my lessons. Most of the subjects are difficult to grasp even for those who work regularly. In my case, my negligence made them doubly difficult.

Dear father, I am very sorry for giving a poor show of myself. You had a high opinion of my sense of responsibility and devotion to studies. But I have disappointed you. I know how hard you are working to enable me to acquire higher education suitable to the status of our family. Now I have left my idle pursuits and started working hard. I am determined to do better in the next examination.

With greatest respect to dear mother and love to all.


Yours affectionately,



2. Letter to your father asking his permission to let you join Defence Forces


12, Boys’ Hostel

Government College



August 14, 20.,


My dear Father,

You must have come to know by now that I have passed my BA. examination with barely 50% marks. I am not at all interested in pursuing my studies further at the post-graduate level. I am very keenly interested in a career in the armed forces and I have my reasons for this.

You know that I am a ‘C’ Certificate and a Senior Under Officer’s colour holder from the NCC. NCC cadets get a lot of weight-age in selection as officer. After graduation. It is very difficult to get a job nowadays. Now it is a golden opportunity for me to get a commission in the army. I shall sit for the Indian Military Academy entrance test. I am sure to qualify it with distinction. Only what I need is your permission and mother’s blessings to join the army. Army life is to my liking.

Also please tell uncle (who is a retired Colonel from the army) that I have preferred to fellow in his foot-steps. Actually, he was the inspiration, in my choice of a career in the army.

With best regards.


Yours affectionately

.Rajiv Kapoor


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18. Letter to Father Giving him Account of Prize Giving Function

This is all  about How to Write Letter to father-Letter Writing to Father With Sample Letters.

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