How to write Letter to Bank-Banking letter writing-With Sample Letters

How to write Letter to Bank-Banking letter writing-With Sample Letters

Most of the people, searching for Banking letter Writing. Sometimes, we need to write banking letter. So, Today, In this article, I will tell you How to write Letter to Bank-Banking letter writing-With Sample Letters. In this article, I shared some sample letters of Banking letter which will help you understand Banking Letter Writing.

So, Let’s start Letter


You are the manager of a bank. The value of the shares a customer has nose-dived. So you cannot give him facilities of overdraft, Write a letter suggesting remedial measures.


United Commercial Bank


Dated 12th July, 20 ……


Mr. R.L. Mehta,

17, Gill Road,



Dear Sir,

I am writing this to inform you that the value of the shares which had been pledged with us for letting you avail the facility of overdraft has depreciated. You are very well aware that there is a steep crash in the price of stores. As such, it is not possible for the bank to allow you to have the facility of overdraft with the’present value of your shares. You are requested to pledge with us at least ten tolas of gold if you want to enjoy the facility of overdraft as in the past, otherwise it will not be possible for us to extend the facility to you. You are our esteemed client. We would not like you to feel helpless. You should arrange the additional security in a month’s time.

If it is not possible for you to arrange the additional security you are requested to reduce the overdraft. I am extremely sorry for this inconvenience. I have every hope that you will not mind this inconvenience and bear with us.

Assuring you of our best services,


Yours faithfully,

Ganesh Dutt Manager


Letter for  Opening a current Account with a Bank


204, Adarsh Nagar,

Jalandhar City.


November 6, 20..


The Manager,

State Bank of India Civil Lines,

Jalandhar City.


Dear Sir,

I Want to open a Current Account with your bank and as such you are requested to send me necessary forms On receipt of this letter.

I am sending herewith a letter of introduction from one of your old customers. Thanking you,


Yours faithfully,

H.D. Sharma

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