Formal letter samples for different purposes – Best for students

Today in this article I am going to share with you some formal letter samples for different purposes like for water connection, for electric connection and for a job. These letters are not more  than 200 words. These are short letters which are helpful for school going students.

For Water Connection

Write an application to S.D.O. for new water connection.


Examination Hall,

March 7, 20….
The S.D.O
Public Health Department,
……City .

Subject: Water Connection Sir.

I am going to build a new house in Sector 17, Green Park. The work is to start next month. I have engaged the contractor have also purchased building material. The electric connection has already been provided. We now need water connection to start the work. Work is not possible without it. As soon as we get the water connection we shall start the work. We have bought the pipes and the meter.

I hope you will sanction for a water connection soon.

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,
Surinder Kumar


For Electric Connection

Write an application to the S. D. 0. (Electricity) to give you electric connection.


Examination Hall,
…………… City,

March 15, 20……

The S.D.O (Electricity),
Main Bazaar,
A B. C.


I am resident of Street 110 3, A B. C. My house no. is 545. I want a new electric connection I have got the wiring Completed and fixed points. I have filled the form, I have attached the test report also. My examinations are drawing near I am facing great difficulty without electricity .

Kindly treat it as a special case and pass orders for a new connection at the earliest.

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,


For a Job

Suppose you are a resident of 99, Rangeela Bagh, Jammu. From this address write an application to the Deputy Commissioner Ambala, applying for a Job. 


99, Rangeela Bagh,

April 12, 20 ……

The Deputy Commissioner,

Subject : Application for the post of the Typist (Clerk)


Reference to your Advertisement in ‘The Hindustan Times’ for the post of a typist clerk, I beg to apply for the same.

As regards my qualifications and experience, I may state that I passed the Secondary School Examination from All India Secondary Board, Jammu in first division in 1994. I passed the course of Steno Typist from I.T.I. in 1996. Since then I have been working as a typist (clerk) in a private firm. My speed in typewriting is 50 words per minute. My present employers are fully satisfied with my work.

I am a young man of 21 years. If I get a chance under you, I assure you Sir, that I shall work to your entire satisfaction.

Thanking you in anticipation

Yours faithfully,
Dinkar Bhatnagar


This is all you read about the formal letter samples for different purposes.

Thank You


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