How to Write Letter to friend-With More Than 50+ Sample Letters

How to Write Letter to friend

Welcome Learners,  Today,  In this article, I will tell you How to Write Letter to friend-With More Than 50+ Sample Letters. In this article, I shared more than 50+ letters to friend. We always write letters to friend. This article is also helpful for students because Letter to friend is also asked in the exams to the students.

So, Lets start How to write Letter to friend

Letter to your friend, describing some function held recently in college


Jewel Nagar,



October 15, 20 ..


My dear Parth,

I am sorry I have not been able to write to you for long. As President of the Students Council of our college, I had to organise a variety show in the College Hall on the 5th October. I was very busy. But I feel proud to inform you that the function was a grand success.

It was an excellent show. We started with a chorus song about our determination to face the difficulties of life boldly. Then some senior students staged a Drama ‘Bhabi’. It conveyed the message of patience and perseverance. After that some girls sang some ‘Ghazals and Dogri Geets’. One thing which I liked most, was the mono-acting of Lalita. Everybody was thrilled with her acting She laughed and wept in a very natural way.

Our teachers also staged a humorous skit. It kept the audience glued to their seats. In the end, our Principal sang a song which amused us all. He also advised us to take part in such colourful activities because these also form an important part of education. Such activities give a new dimension to education. I wish you had been here. While playing on Sitar. I remembered you very much. How you always encouraged me with your sweet words.

Please pay my compliments to your parents.


Yours sincerely,



Letter to friend advising him to give up smoking

358, Sector 20 A

channi Himmat.



October 15. 20…..


My dear Deepak,

I remember having seen you smoking six cigarettes one after the other in the house of Krishan. I do not know if you smoked so many cigarettes just to impress me or you have actually become a chain smoker. The yellow stains on your fingers and the frequent bouts of hollow cough indicated the latter possibility. You were no longer your vivacious self and I even felt that hard smoking had started telling upon your health. Let me say that I was more grieved than impressed.

I wish to remind you of Uncle Kapoor. If you see him writhing in fits of cough as a result of smoking, you cannot dare touch a cigarette. It is not very long since he was blooming with youthful vigour and let out ringlets of smoke in a stylish manner. He had taken to smoking only as a hobby. But soon he got addicted to it. He fell a victim to a number of loathsome diseases and was reduced to a skeleton. You shuddered to see him caught in convulsions. And today you yourself have fallen a victim to this dreadful habit. I pity you.

My letter no doubt presents a gloomy picture. I do not think ill of you : in fact, I pray for your health. But I feel convinced that a timely warning. however stern, is better than useless repentance later. There is still time. It is never too late to mend. With a little determination. you can easily reduce your consumption of cigarettes till you could totally stop. I am told that some homeopathic medicines reduce craving for tobacco. Perhaps you could try.


Yours affectionately



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54. Letter to friend describing picnic in which you participated.

This is all about How to write letter to friend. Hope you liked it.

Thank you

SharinG iS cariNG

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