Business letter samples of complaining – Letter writing samples

Business letter samples of complaining

In this article I have shared some Business letter samples of complaining to companies, publishers, manager, etc. I hope these letters are helpful for you.


Business Letter To a Company complaining against Damaged Toys

You ordered half a dozen electric toys out of which some have been uring the postal delivery. Write a letter requesting M/s Toyland and Co. 15 Barakhamba Road, New Delhi to replace the demaged toys.


Mohalla Sain
Sri Nagar,

April 15, 20 ……

The Manager,
M/s Toyland and Co.,
15, Barakhamba Road,
New Delhi.

Dear Sir,

I ordered half a dozen electric toys last month. I have received the toys. Some of these toys are damaged. They are of no use to me. Your Company can easily repair them for sale again. But for me, it Will be sheer loss. I, therefore, request you to replace the damaged toys at your earliest.

Thanking you

Yours truly,



Business letter To the Manager, super Bazar, complaining against Higher Rates of Things

You are Salim Ali of 20, Jail Road, Lucknow. Write a letter to the Manager, Super Bazaar, Lucknow, complaining about higher rates of things you often buy from there.


20, Jail Road,

March 20, 20 ……

The Manager,
Super Bazaar,

Dear Sir,

I am your regular customer. I never compare the rates of your store articles with those of bazaar articles. Yesterday it was Sunday. The Super Bazaar was closed. I had to purchase sugar, tea leaves and ghee from the market. I got those things at the rates 10 percent cheaper than what I have been paying at the Super Bazaar. Super Bazaars have been opened for providing quality products at reasonable rates. But the Super Bazaar under you is failing that purpose. Kindly revise your rates or we shall write to the higher authority.

Hoping for favourable consideration.

Yours truly,


All above you read about the business letter samples of complaining to manager and company. Now let us see another samples of letter to publisher and the manager.

Business letter To a Publisher Complaining Against the Missing Pages in a Book

Write a letter to M/s Rama Publishing House, 16, Karol Bagh, New Delhi, telling them that the book you ordered has arrived but sixteen pages are missing from it. Request them to replace the book. Sign your name as Ram Gopal of 131 K.G. Road, Dehradun.


131, K.G. Road,

October 20, 20……

The Manager,
M/s Rama Publishing House,
16, Karol Bagh,
New Delhi.

Dear Sir,

I received the book entitled ‘High School English Grammar’. I opened the packet and scanned the whole book and I was surprised to find that a full form of sixteen pages was missing. The missing pages are from 321 to 336.

I am returning the book for replacement. Please check the new copy thoroughly before the book is parcelled to me.

Thanking you,

Yours truly
Ram Gopal


Business letter of Complaint Against a Defected cycle

You are lndu of 404 Jamuna Bazaar, Agra. Write a letter to the Manager, Excellent Cycles, Agra, complaining about a bicycle you bought last week.


404, Jamuna Bazaar,

October 30, 20…

The Manager,
Excellent Cycles,

Dear Sir,

I bought a cycle from your store last week Its mark 18 Atlas and its number is ALS. 320004. The cash memo is attached for confirmation. The cycle has many defects. Its frame is bent and Its chain is loose. Its brakes too are loose. The lock is of inferior quality. Many original parts of the cycle are missing. It seems your mechanic has done all this purposely. Please replace the cycle and oblige.

Yours truly,


This is all you read about some business letter samples of complaining. 
Thank You


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